By Wendy Williams

I worked with Tom in Gallatin County completing river resource inventories and assessments on both the East Gallatin and Story Creek. I learned so much from Tom when we were in the field. He was so very passionate about the river ecosystems but in a very gentle and professional manner that did not step on anybody's toes, landowner or goverment employee! I had the pleasure of sitting across from him in the state office for the last year of his career. Later in my career, I wasn't as "uppity" as I was earlier on, but when I did get riled up because of my passion for doing things right the first time, Tom had the ability to calm me down with just a phrase or two. He was such a great inspiration to everyone that he touched and he will be so missed, especially by his soulmate and wife, Kathleen. May everyone rest in peace without Tom in their lives!

Wendy Williams
Bozeman, Montana