By Tammy Swinney

As I sit here preparing to share my memories of Tom, I was planning to start off by mentioning when and how we first met. While I know it was in the early 2000's and probably at a MT Watershed Coordination Council event, I am unable to recall that specific meeting. At first this troubled me. But then I realized it doesn't really matter. What is important and what I do remember about Tom is that he was a quiet but extremely thoughtful individual who had a passion for the outdoors and a deep resolve to work toward improving the natural environment. In the professional world he inspired me and provided subtle mentoring that I cherish today. Tom always had a smile and kind words whenever I saw him. I do remember a wonderful day spent skiing at Big Sky with Tom and Kathleen several years ago. We spent the day relishing in our mutual love for our Montana backyard and Kathleen and I enjoyed Tom's dance with the snow on his tele-skis. I am a richer person for having known Tom. He was truly a beautiful person inside and out.

Tammy Swinney